If Publishing is Your Path, We’re Your Breadcrumbs!™

Crafted Creative offers workshops and seminars on writing and writing critique. Our “8 by 8” format brings together up to eight participants to work together for eight weeks to improve their writing and critique skills. Workshops are led, but not taught, meaning most critique will come from your fellow participants, with everyone’s voice valued equally in class.

With the rare exception, works will not be read in class, but submitted one week, critiqued by all participants through the week and discussed in class the following week. Though we meet in person for workshops, all critique takes place through the free online writing critique platform, Scribophile.com with discussion of those critiques in class. This allows us to remain (mostly) paperless.

Crafted Creative envisions growing to become a community/organization capable of running many different workshops simultaneously on forms as diverse as poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, memoir, blogging, essay and more. We’re excited to see how great we can grow.