About the Founder

2015-12-23-16-14-11Writing stories long before she learned to spell, Juliet Meredith first received formal commendation for her writing in the 8th grade (’92/’93) when her student writing portfolio received the highest rating (distinguished) given under the 1990 Kentucky Education Reform Act.

Three years later, she successfully auditioned in creative writing to attend the 1996 Kentucky Governor’s School for the Arts. This three-week program, considered a flagship of its type in the nation, seeded a love for her generation’s voice and an understanding of the art of giving and receiving constructive criticism.

Graduating in 2001, Juliet earned her B.A. in English from Transylvania University in Lexington, KY. Four years later, she began adding to her studies in creative writing through MFA-led community classes at what would later become The Muse Writing Center in Norfolk, Virginia.

Through moving to Oregon in 2006 and becoming a parent, she continued her writing in poetry, fiction and non-fiction. In March of 2016, she made it to the second round of the NYC Midnight’s 10th annual Short Story challenge, and in August of the same year, her short story “Freeze Burned” found acceptance for inclusion in the feminine horror anthology Twisted.

Writing poetry, short stories, and having started several novels, Juliet stays active in word craft and literary critique through Scribophile.com as well as National Novel Writing Month, for which she served as municipal liaison for the Rogue Valley region from 2014 – 2017. She conceived Crafted Creative in July of 2016, and plans to develop the organization as far as the concept will grow in Grants Pass and beyond.