A Note about Food in Class

The following policy applies only to multi-week workshops taking place on premises that are NOT licensed to serve food and beverages. One or two-day workshops as well as any classes/seminars/workshops taking place on licensed premises are NOT subject to these guidelines.


Bringing treats (food and beverages) to share in class is actually encouraged as these can be consumed during break time, without any disruption to class time. All of the following pertains to the consumption of food at the working table during active class time.

(As you read the following, keep in mind that all of the provisions put forth here are in response to actual situations that have arisen in the founder’s experience organizing and leading group activities. We’re NOT party-poopers when it comes to food and treats (quite the opposite!), but we are passionate about providing for the undivided attention and optimum learning atmosphere for all students as well as a secure, risk-free space for the use of electronic devices necessary for participation during active class time.)

Our 6:30 start-time is intended to provide for the opportunity to have and finish your dinner BEFORE you come to class.  We will also strive to always take a 10-minute break around 7:45 at which point, you’re welcome to have a quick snack and/or partake of any treats/libations brought in for sharing with the class.

Outside of break time, food in class, no matter how discreetly consumed, can all-too-easily become a distraction, not to mention that we will often be working and typing on our laptops and other devices during class, and food around electronic devices always introduces an element of risk.

More than anything, the distraction of having/consuming food during active class time spells divided attention from your classmates’ and your learning. It is a mild, but significant, indicator of your disrespect for the creative and educational atmosphere we’re all striving to create.

Aside from consideration for legitimate blood-sugar and other health concerns, please limit food consumption to before class, during break and after class. If you have a moderate to severe blood-sugar or other health concern necessitating your consumption of food outside of these times, please contact your instructor BEFORE the date of your first class to discuss your unique needs and work out a solution agreeable to everyone. (No need to share your personal health details; just relate your needs as they relate to your legitimate health concern.)

Water bottles (plastic, metal, etc.) with leak-proof tops are permissible at the working table during class time, but must be fully closed (spill-proof and shatter-proof) at all times that you are not directly consuming water from them. Cups, even plastic, with only thin plastic tension tops, such as those from fast food restaurants, DO NOT meet these requirements. They are not leak proof or spill proof. Please DO NOT bring (or ask if you may bring) such a cup to the working table during class time.

Our aim with these policies remains to provide for the optimum learning atmosphere for all our students. Please abide by these policies as part of your personal commitment to being a respectful and dedicated participant in our organization.