Tuition and Refund Policy

The following Tuition & Refund Policy applies to Crafted Creative’s multi-week workshops.

(For one and two-day workshops/seminars, please refer to the refund policy of the host venue.)


Participants may pay full tuition up front OR in weekly installments. No matter how you choose to pay, please understand that the workshop is sold as a complete, multi-week unit, and outside of extenuating circumstances, no portion of your tuition is considered optional or refundable after 48 hours prior to the first workshop meeting. See more information about payment options below.



  • Participants may pay the full tuition up front or in weekly installments. Participants may choose to put down a deposit amount to reserve their place in a workshop and/or to gain access to a promotion or discount.
  • A participant choosing to pay weekly must submit a signed credit card authorization which gives Crafted Creative the right to charge their credit card any remaining outstanding amount in an agreed-upon time frame after the final workshop meeting.
  • In general, participants paying weekly should plan to divide any remaining tuition amount by the number of remaining weeks in the workshop and bring that same amount to each workshop meeting.
  • At the discretion of Crafted Creative, participants delinquent by more than ¾ of the full tuition amount at the midway point of the workshop may face suspension from participation in further class meetings until their account is paid up to an agreed-upon percentage.


Any deposit or full tuition amount is 100% refundable until 48 hours prior to the first workshop meeting (cut-off date).
After this time, outside of extenuating circumstances, participants forfeit all rights to a regular refund from Crafted Creative.


  • Generally speaking, prior to the cut-off date (48 hours prior to the first workshop meeting), participants choosing to cancel are encouraged to accept a full refund of any prepaid amounts. However, the participant may choose to transfer or defer their tuition if they prefer.
  • After the cut-off date, tuition transfers and deferment are the available remedies for participants choosing to cancel their participation in the workshop in question while still receiving value for their payment.


  • Before the cut-off date, participants may transfer their tuition (i.e. “sell their seat”) in the workshop to a new participant. In this case, the new participant becomes financially liable to Crafted Creative for any remaining unpaid portions of the tuition, though they may still choose to pay up front or weekly.
  • After the cut-off date, participants may sell their seat to a new participant up until the beginning of the first workshop meeting. However, in this case, the original participant will remain financially liable to Crafted Creative for any unpaid portion of the original tuition at the end of the workshop, and must negotiate their own payment terms between themselves and the new participant.
  • At no time may participants sell their seat to another participant already registered for the workshop.
  • Due to our workshop format, no tuition transfers of any kind will be approved after the beginning of the first class meeting.


  • Up until the cut-off date, participants choosing to cancel should expect to receive a full refund of any prepaid amounts unless they specifically request to receive a deferment.
  • After the cut-off date, participants choosing to cancel, and unwilling or unable to transfer their tuition to a new participant, may choose to defer their tuition to a future comparable workshop.
  • Deferment does not change the tuition due date, and the full tuition amount must still be paid by the agreed-upon date, usually no later than two weeks after the final class meeting of the original workshop.