Refunds in Extenuating Circumstances

Refunds in extenuating circumstances may take up to two weeks to process.

Extenuating circumstances under which Crafted Creative will consider granting a partial or full refund for a multi-week workshop after the cut-off date include:

  • a participant’s unforeseen adversity leading to the need to miss more than three workshop meetings
  • extreme dissatisfaction with the workshop

Unforeseen Adversity:

  • Examples of unforeseen adversity include the death of a family member or close friend, loss of employment, sudden debilitating illness or injury, significant unexpected expenses, an unexpected move or eviction, etc.
  • Participants requesting a refund due to unforeseen adversity are asked to consider allowing for a partial refund in proportion to the number of weeks remaining in the workshop. However, Crafted Creative will grant full refunds in cases of extreme financial hardship.

Extreme Dissatisfaction:

Crafted Creative strives to not only provide a clear and thorough workshop description so that participants may be prepared for and enjoy the workshop experience, but also to conduct our workshops with the utmost professionalism and with significant expertise in the genres and subject matter described in our class descriptions. We always strive to meet or exceed our participants’ expectations.

  • Examples of extreme dissatisfaction with the workshop include the participant’s belief that the workshop deviated largely from its description or that the workshop leader grossly lacked the experience/expertise to properly lead the workshop and/or that the workshop leader failed to create a safe workshop space for all participants.
  • In the case of extreme dissatisfaction, the participant requesting the refund should be able to cite both specific examples of their complaint(s) and documented examples of their attempts to bring their dissatisfaction or concern to the attention of the workshop leader and/or Crafted Creative management. After the end of the last workshop meeting should not be the first time we hear about such extreme dissatisfaction.
  • Participants requesting a refund due to extreme dissatisfaction with the workshop should expect to meet with Crafted Creative staff either in a public setting or virtually via Facetime, Google Hangouts or another audio visual technology to discuss their dissatisfaction and initiate their request for a partial or full refund. At this time, Crafted Creative and the participant will negotiate the refund amount.
  • Such participants must also submit a written request, outlining the points made verbally in the meeting and formally requesting a refund at the amount verbally agreed upon in the meeting. Written requests may be submitted by email or USPS mail.